October 9, 2018

Update the database to include approx. 40 species

More than a year after the last update, I have updated all the databases to incorporate Ensembl release 93 and gene models of quite a few species with emerging genome-wide sequence data. The species newly introduced have been marked with a red asterisk ('*') in the species list in this page.

Particularly, I am delighted to announce that they now include three elasmobranch shark species, brownbanded bamboo shark, cloudy catshark, and whale shark, whose genome assemblies and gene models were produced in my lab in Kobe (see our original paper published online today in Nature Ecology and Evolution).

I have also included gene models of the Madagascar ground gecko Paroedura picta for which my lab performed de novo genome sequecing and gene prediction (see our original paper published earlier this year in BMC Biology).

Shigehiro Kuraku