September 14, 2015

aLeaves back in full service

The problem reported here last Friday has been fixed, and aLeaves is now working well. I am planning a database update within this year.

S. Kuraku

September 11, 2015

Link to the MAFFT server is disabled now

Currently, aLeaves works, but its search results cannot be passed to the MAFFT web server. It will take some time to fix it, and please be patient.

S. Kuraku

July 30, 2015

Searches at aLeaves accelerated

I hope there was no trouble on the users's side caused by the replacement of the web server done the day before yesterday. Because of enhanced capacity of the server machine and modification of aLeaves scripts, searches are now processed much faster, say, by hundreds times.

As a result of this change, after a search job is submitted to aLeaves, you will see the page saying 'Search started !' after a bit longer moment than before and will be directly taken to the search result page.

I hope this change will help you a lot.

S. Kuraku

April 6, 2015

aLeaves Databases Updated

I have updated the all databases for aLeaves. Now Ensembl release 79 and Ensembl Genome Metazoa release 26 have been adopted.

In this update, we have two new species for Arthropoda:

Melitaea cinxia (Glanville fritillary)
Zootermopsis nevadensis (termite)

 I was wondering what to do with the dozens of bird genomes, but for this update, I have decided not to include them.

S. Kuraku